Custom Engineered Controls Details

Whether it’s a utility substation or an industrial petrochemical plant, Phoenix Electric understands that each customer has their own specific needs when it comes to controlling high voltage equipment. That’s why we combine our knowledge of switchgear and circuit breaker controls with an understanding of each end user specification. The result is a control package custom designed to meet the needs of each application. Combined with American engineering and craftsmanship, our controls are unmatched in performance and reliability.

Local control cabinets (LCC’s) are used to control gas insulated switchgear and interface with substation protection panels.


Designed to ANSI C37.122, C37.11, and C37.2

Reliable electro-mechanical relay interlocking for safety & hardened control

System voltage from 69KV to 800 KV

Indoor or outdoor NEMA ratings

Hydraulic stored energy, torsion spring, and air compressor based breaker mechanisms

Interface options between switchgear, protection panels and SCADA systems

Complete point to point wire check and functionality test at factory

Individual design drawing package with each cabinet

Available Options

Bay Automation Controllers (GE, ABB)

Trip coil monitors (SEL, Scharer, E-Max)

Electromechanical relays or IED based control for contact multiplying and interlocking

Integral camera sockets and/or monitors for viewing status of switches

Integration of RTAC and DPAC for data concentration and protocol conversion

Integration of electronic protection relays into LCC

Choice of annunciators (SEL, RTK, Puleo, Seekirk, NovaTech)

Point on Wave (POW) / Synchronous Switching Controllers (SSC)

DNP3, MODBUS, IEC 61850, and Ethernet communication protocols

Hardwired or cable plug assemblies for GIS to LCC interface

Internal fiber patch panels

Generator Circuit Breaker (GCB)

Integrated control for breaker, disconnect and ground switches.


Single and three phase designs

Reliable electromechanical relay interlocking for safety and hardened control

Standard three door front access construction

System voltage from 12KV to 38KV

Internal swing panels for mimic, local control switches, and circuit breaker management systems

Available Options

Free standing cabinet or mounted to circuit breaker)

Interface cables hardwired to cabinet at factory

Stainless steel stand for high wind speed

Internal thermal insulation for low temperatures (-50 C)

Integral static starting switch circuit

Optional Ferro-resonance damper

Integral transformers for auxiliary power

Protection barriers for high voltage components

Enhanced mechanical key interlocking (Kirk Key, Superior)

Nuclear rated conduit

CSA inspection and certification

Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS)

Heavy duty outdoor control cabinets for dead tank breakers (DTB) used in air insulated substations.


Main control panels and individual pole controls

Integral transfer switch and transformer controls

Indoor or outdoor installation

System voltage up to 800 KV

Free standing cabinets

Aluminum or stainless steel enclosures

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