About Us

Phoenix Electric, based in Canton, MA is a family-owned business that builds strong relationships by listening to customers and providing excellent client service. By combining our passion in maintaining the integrity of the power grid, along with our extensive experience in custom designs, we guarantee long lasting power control products that increase the resiliency of the grid.

Phoenix Electric Corporation was incorporated in July, 1973 by three engineers. The company got its name, Phoenix, because it rose from the ashes of a large manufacturing company in Boston, called Allis-Chalmers, who moved their operation to Mississippi. With an emphasis on high quality, expertly engineered products and superior customer services, PEC is dedicated to manufacturing custom products for its customers in the electric power transmission and distribution industry. PEC is also proud to be a diversified, veteran-owned company.

PEC Manufacturing Floor

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Our Mission

Phoenix Electric Corp. provides our customers in the electric power industry the customized solutions and technical services they require to meet their individual power needs. We accomplish this through our extensive experience, strong engineering, highly focused quality control, and a commitment to excellence, all backed by unwavering client service. We also have a commitment to our employees to provide a challenging and rewarding work environment in which they can grow and succeed.

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