EMP Attack on Power Grid: Understanding the Risks and Preparing for the Worst

EMP Attack on Power Grid: Understanding the Risks and Preparing for the Worst

An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on the power grid is a scenario that many experts warn could have devastating consequences. An EMP is a burst of electromagnetic radiation that can be caused by a high-altitude nuclear explosion, a solar storm, or a device specifically designed to generate an EMP. If an EMP were to hit the power grid, it could cause widespread blackouts and damage to our electrical systems that could put us offline long-term.

The effects of an EMP on the power grid would depend on the strength of the pulse, the location of the attack, and the design of the power grid itself. While the likelihood of an EMP attack is relatively low, the consequences could be catastrophic.

Grid Down, Power Up is a documentary directed by David Tice and narrated by Dennis Quaid, that shows the history of the grid and highlights the risk and consequences of the US power grid going down. The movie highlights that our biggest threats come from potential cybersecurity and EMP attacks.

Grid Down, Power Up, suggests it all comes down to money and politics. To prepare for an EMP attack on the power grid, governments, and power companies need to take steps to protect the power grid from an EMP attack. This includes hardening critical infrastructure and investing in research and development to better understand the risks and potential consequences of an EMP attack.

Watch the documentary here: https://griddownpowerup.com/watch-gdpu/